The resources are limited, each unit of energy is valuable, and its extraction is laborious in the DeepMine world. Humanity has donated the last reserves of energy for the launch of mines. It was done in hopes of overall success. The mine owners should not forget this.

  • Humanity has spent almost all of its resources to launch mines. The launching of new Mines is difficult and energy-intensive. Citizens must open new mine slots on the Areas by their own.

  • The Landlords cannot open new mines on the Areas on their own.

  • The starting number of mines in the game is limited. This means that the Government no longer has the resources to create new mines. Players must create new mine NFTs on their own.

  • The amount of upgrades is insufficient. It means that the government has fewer upgrades for the mines to transition to the next level than there are active mines that need them. Citizens have to make new upgrade NFTs for one another.

  • The amount of Equipment is insufficient. It means that the government has low potential for equipment production. Citizens have to produce new equipment for one another.

  • DME which can only be mined by a mine, is required to produce upgrades and equipment.

  • The mine owner cannot unlock a mine's full potential alone.

  • The mine owner needs to invite other Contractors with appropriate experience to maximize the mine's DME mining output.

  • For the successful work of the contractor and mine, the equipment produced by the Factory is required.

  • The factory needs resources, which are mined by the contractors and the mines.

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