1. Make sure that your Engineer Certificate is in your active inventory. To do that, press an avatar picture in the upper right corner and press Inventory on the screen that appeared.

  2. If your card is in the Active Inventory, you can proceed to the next step. If your card is in the Storage, then drag and drop it to the Active Inventory and press Confirm Transfer to sign blockchain transaction and complete the transfer.

  3. Travel back to the Engineer’s cabin and press Attend Inauguration.

  4. Go to the Engineer Training tab and learn your first skill. Now you are ready to take on the first job!

  5. Next you need to sign an Upgrade contract. You can do this in two ways: a) Through Engineer’s cabin or Service Market create an order for Upgrade and fill in all the necessary information. After creating a contract, wait for a counterparty to sign it. b) go to the Service market, choose the contract that suits you and sign it.

  6. Go to Equipment Hall and press Perform Upgrade.

  7. Once the upgrade is complete press Get the report.

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