Game Roles

Deepmine is a game with a realistic and sophisticated economic system. The game has no predefined roles and gives the player freedom to choose the optimal strategy for their development. Each player is an entity with limitations similar to those imposed by real life. However, the player can assume one or a couple of conditional plot roles. The player can master one or several specialties, but cannot carry out activities requiring a “physical” presence in several places at the same time.

‌For the successful game plot progress and development of an individual player, DeepMine citizens will have to establish close interaction with each other. Each playing role has the resource production skills that other roles require to progress.

‌The game features the following types of game roles:

Any player with DeepMine in-game NFT on their wallet is the Citizen. All citizens possess DAO power and can master one or more specialties. However, a citizen who has mastered several roles cannot simultaneously produce resources of different specialties.

A citizen who owns one of the Areas on which the mines can be located. The Landlord needs the help of the Geologist to open new slots in their area. In addition, the Landlord needs to make deals with the mine owners in order for them to place their mine on the Landlord's land.

The citizen who owns the Mine. To launch a mine, its owner needs to make a deal with the Landlord to build the mine in the Landlord's Area. For the successful development of a mine, the help of a scientist is required, as well as the help of contractors to reach the maximum mining potential. Mine owner mines DME which is necessary for all roles to progress.

A citizen with mining equipment. To successfully work as a contractor, a citizen needs to strike a deal with the owner of the mine to start the mining process. The contractor needs the assistance of an engineer to develop the equipment.

Engineers are passionate mechanics who ponder every day over how to move technology forward. Engineer's skills allow improving mining equipment.

Scientists are great minds who are responsible for the continuous upgrade of the mines.


Geologists are great seekers who are responsible for discovering new places suitable for the installation of mines.

A citizen who owns a factory. The factory produces equipment used by miners and contractors. The Factory Owner needs the help of an engineer to improve the factory performance.

One of the top 101 citizens by DAO power calculated by the amount of DMP in possession. Can create political parties and influence the development of the whole DeepMine world.

‌As the game develops and the plot transitions to the next phases, new game roles and specializations will be introduced.

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