Mine Modules

Mine modules are a set of unique NFTs that the mine owner uses to improve the specs of the mine. A special perk of most Mine modules is that they positively affect all the Contractors who work in the mine, so the mine equipped with the mine modules will be more appealing to Contractors.
The first phase of the DeepMine game features 5 types of equipment:
Stabilization system reduces wear of mining equipment by generating a special non-ionizing electromagnetic field that protects metal from excess oxidation.
Educational module uses a unique neuromodulation technology to stimulate cerebellum and amplify agility. This allows miners to use more sophisticated equipment earlier than usual.
Processing module lowers the electrostatic potential of the mining system thus increasing the DME output.
Expanding module is a powerful boring system capable of drilling through the hardest layers of metamorphic rocks increasing the number of Plunging Blocks operating in the mine.
Emergency management system (EMS) uses powerful high-frequency impulses to suppress the soil vibration around the mine therefore reducing the probability of tectonic plate shifts and tunnel collapse.