Rental Hub

Rental Hub allows players to rent out their NFTs to earn additional tokens from unused assets or lease the assets without purchasing the assets.

If you want to lease the asset, travel to Rental Hub and choose from the available offers.

If you want to rent out the asset, first it must be placed in the Rent Inventory. To do this, travel to Hive, switch from Active to Rent inventory and place your NFT there – that’s it!

Now travel to Rental Hub and your NFT should be available for renting out.

Important! Equipment should be in “like new” state (not broken, zero depreciation, full capacity).

Press “Create Order” button and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Choose the type of the asset you want to rent out

  2. Put the percentage of earned DME or fixed fee you will get at the end of the contract, duration of the contract and possibility of auto-renewal

  3. Deposit – it’s insurance in case the equipment won’t be returned in a timely manner or will be returned broken. You can put the deposit in 1 of 3 different tokens, so the renter will have a choice. If you put 0 for one of the tokens, renter will have to choose from other tokens. If all the fields have 0 as an input, deposit will not be required.

Additional information:

  • Premature cancellation of the contract is only possible for Renter

  • Owner can cancel the contract and get their assets back in case there are not returned within 72 hours of the contract final date

  • If DMP or WAX is used for deposit, contract requires two signatures

  • Rented equipment can be used as usual including being upgraded by the Engineer

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