Shelter is a hub for some of in-game DeFi mechanics that are available to the citizens of Eleazar before the game starts. Here's what Shelter allows you to do:


DeepMine Staking Shelter is a portal that was deployed even before the start of the game and allowed players to stake the assets purchased during the Genesis drop and on the secondary market. During the stacking process, asset owners receive vDMP (virtual assets that will be turned into DMP tokens and can be spent right now in the Shelter).


The internal store of the DeepMine metaverse, where the players can find unique offers that are not available on other marketplaces.

In addition, many assets can be bought for in-game vDMP token, which can be received for staking in-game assets.


Auctions are a great way to get peculiar and sometimes unique assets like Area through bidding.

Auctions are held both for vDMP and WAX.

Affiliate program

A place where you can get a referral link and start building your team right now. Participants of the referral program will receive in-game bonuses and benefits.

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