A Scientist is a citizen who has a Scientist Certificate. Scientists are great minds who are responsible for the continuous upgrade of the mines. In addition, scientists are able to improve the work processes in the Factories, which increases the efficiency of the latter for a while. The probability of a new Scientist appearing is higher as more equipment is produced by Factory and the more it is technologically advanced.
  • The Scientist Certificate allows the player to create NFTs, which enable the Mine next-level transition upgrade.
  • Also, the Scientist Certificate enables the player to mint unique Factory booster NFTs that are active for a limited amount of time.
  • To become a scientist, the player needs to collect nine pages of a Scientist diploma and exchange them for a Scientist Certificate in the governmental facility.
  • Scientist diploma pages can be found in equipment packs produced by factories.
  • The chance of producing a pack with a diploma page inside is higher as the factory level increases.
  • Scientists spend DMP/DME to produce upgrades.
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