Mine is the main NFT of the DeepMine universe. It allows players to use Equipment to mine DME from the planet’s depth. It opens access to the core and develops the game plot.

  • A Citizen can have only one active mine per wallet.

  • For the mine to work, it must be installed in one of the Areas of any type and be active.

  • To install the mine, the Mine owner needs to select the Area and confirm the installation with the Landlord.

  • The mine is considered active if the player has attached the equipment cards or a Contractor to it.

  • A player cannot attach equipment or a contractor to different mines on his wallet.

  • The mine is considered inactive if it is not staffed by a contractor and the player owns a mine while working on another mine as a contractor themselves.

  • The mine has ten levels of development in a range from zero to the ninth level. Each level is divided into 5 sub-levels and on each of them, equipment of different rarity provides different efficiency.

  • The mine gives the ability to use the equipment packs for DME mining through bonuses or penalties depending on the mine's level and equipment stats.

  • The mine has a limited amount of DME that it can mine in a given time interval.

  • As the mine owner, the citizen is not able to reach the maximum mine potential of the DME mining by themselves. Therefore, they need to hire contractors to work together and maximize productivity.

  • The mine is able to accept the contractors with or without their own equipment to increase DME mining.

  • The mine can mine DME from the depth that corresponds to the level of mine or lower.

  • The mine has to be upgraded for transition to a deeper level of the Eleazar planet.

  • The equipment incurs wear and tear, so it is important to calculate correlation between efficiency of the equipment of the particular rarity on the current level and the cost of its repair.

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