Equipment is an NFT that is used for DME mining in a mine. The first phase of the DeepMine game features 5 types of equipment:

Wandering Reactor

It generates DME by processing core-irradiated matter that is mined during operation.


It breaks the molecular bonds in the superhard slabs of the Eleazar rock by softening it for the Cutter to go further.


It converts the matter that was prepared by the Delaminator into plasma that the Wandering Reactor can use. Finally, it creates a tunnel void where the Plunging Blocks screw in.

Plunging Blocks

It is a set of docked modules that rotate without stopping and screw into the tunnel that is made by the Cutter. It serves as living quarters for the team working at the mine and as a complex of technical rooms at the same time.

DME Wire

It is a superconducting cable that consists of atomic-molecular tubes arranged together. It is made to transfer the DME that Wandering Reactor generated to the city and factories on the surface.

The player will have to find the best combination of equipment for maximum mining efficiency independently based on the following principles:

  • A Mine is required for the equipment to work.

  • All types of equipment have 10 levels of development from zero to nine.

  • All types of equipment have a rarity.

  • The rarity and level of equipment affect DME mining performance.

  • The mine level affects DME mining performance.

  • In order for equipment to be upgraded it must mine the minimum required amount of DME for each level.

  • Each Mine level is divided into 5 sub-levels and on each of those sub-levels equipment of different rarity provides different efficiency.

  • The most productive tactic is to use 5 sets of equipment. A different one for each sub-level.

  • The equipment combinations by type, level, and rarity affect DME mining performance.

  • The use of equipment with a level above the mine level imposes penalties on DME production due to the experience insufficiency of the mine owner in handling more high-tech equipment.

Equipment functions:

  • Players can use the equipment at their mines by themselves.

  • Players can rent out equipment at their mines to the Contractors.

  • A player can become a contractor and use their equipment in someone else's mine.

  • A player can rent out their equipment to the other mine owners or other contractors.

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