Those who manage one of the Areas are called the Landlords.

Eleazar's land surface management is extremely responsible and important. Therefore, it cannot be concentrated in one hand. Guided by the principles of the DAO, the government divided the Eleazar's surface into 1000 areas and invited respectable citizens to take over the management of the areas.

  • Only one active area per one WAX ​​wallet is possible.

  • The owner of the area can own and manage a personal mine on their land, but only one.

  • Up to 100 Mines can be located in one area.

  • Only a Geologist can discover a new mine in the area after receiving permission from the landlord.

  • The landlord sets the fee for the maintenance of the mine (deducted from the mine output).

  • The mine maintenance fee cannot be increased unilaterally but can be reduced for the particular mine.

  • After discovering a mine, a Geologist receives a mine NFT that can be sold on the market.

  • Landlords can upgrade the land by rarity through spending DMP.

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