Upgrade mechanics

Game NFTs of structures and equipment can be upgraded. Either rarity or level of the card can be upgraded.

The game NFT in the DeepMine universe are divided according to:

Upgrade by rarity

  • Type of use: structure, equipment, badge.

  • Development level: 0-9 level inclusive

  • Some types of NFT have rarity that is highlighted by their color:

    • Gray (common)

    • Green (uncommon)

    • Blue (rare)

    • Purple (epic)

    • Gold (legendary)

A Citizen sends three cards identical by type, rarity, and level to the Government. In return, the citizen receives one NFT with a higher rarity.

Upgrade by level

The player must send a certain amount of DME, a card to be upgraded, the upgrade card and also fulfill additional conditions to upgrade the card by level. In return, the citizen receives a card of the same type and rarity, but a higher level.

Additional conditions for the mine:

  • The Mine owner must have the abilities and skills to transition to more dangerous Depths and upgrade a mine to the next level. Therefore, the mine must mine a certain amount of DME for a certain period of its operation for the upgrade.

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