Game plot
Imagine the future so distant that all the stars have collapsed. At human civilization's demise, we are exhausted struggling for the expiring energy on the last inhabited planet in the galaxy called Eleazar. While humanity is dying without energy, salvation lies in constructing the portal into a parallel world which requires a lot of energy and effort from the entire community.
The only place with additional energy is the Core of the planet, where the remains of civilization found shelter. Humanity gathers the last bits of available energy to equip volunteers to go into the planet’s Depths. Energy is limited, which means there’s a limited quantity of starting mines (these players are the boldest and bravest people of Eleazar).
The planet is unstable inside, its tectonic activity is unpredictable, and some areas are nearly inaccessible. Therefore, it is impossible to find the perfect place for a Mine. Humanity is forced to start digging in many places at once to increase the chances that at least someone will get to the center. There will be those stuck and unable to go further unless they receive support from other, luckier people. The first people to dig into the deeper levels will receive bonuses, but they must remember that humanity put hope on them and is waiting for help, and they owe it to humanity.
Since there's a constant need for energy for both maintaining life and building the portal (the Portal opens a new round of the game in later stages), it is necessary not only to achieve the center of the Planet but to develop a complex infrastructure for energy extraction and transmission to keep energy production at the required level.
The goal of the game is to get to the center of the Eleazar planet, develop and build an infrastructure for the extraction of the necessary amount of energy and to maintain the lives of people, as well as join forces with other players to open the portal and bring the game to the next super phase.
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