Game plot

The Story

Very distant future. Humanity settled in the galaxies that scattered from each other so far that the connection between them was lost. Human evolution has gone in millions of different ways, and the very concept of a human being has lost its relevance. Going on its own path, the evolutionary branches of humans either prospered, growing into stellar empires or faded away into the Stone Age throughout the universe, not knowing about the existence of each other.

We find ourselves on the planet of Eleazar surrounded by the blackness of a starless sky. The last star in this galaxy ceased to give its light and energy more than three hundred years ago. But it's not dark around. The rocky surface of the planet is illuminated by a dim yellowish light. Slightly pulsating, it is emitted by Eleazar itself. There is no wind, and the air is unbreathable and barely moves. The light coming from the ground gives a little warmth, not allowing the temperature to fall to absolute zero, but it is still low and stays around -83 C.

The ringing silence of the planet was abruptly interrupted by the roar of a crumbling rock from a sudden earthquake. The surface of the planet rippled and flashed bright yellow, and from a distance, the rumble of one of the local volcanoes was heard, making it clear that the planet was still active deep inside. It was an Ejection. A phenomenon inherent only to Eleazar, which brought misfortune to its inhabitants. Unpredictable and dangerous - the release is accompanied by shifts of tectonic plates and waves of radiation toxic to humans across the planet.

It is not known where the first inhabitants of Eleazar came from, whether they are descendants of people from Earth or were created artificially by them. Having once conquered the planet, having built cities and exhausted all resources, its inhabitants had the last chance for survival. Construction of the Portal that could theoretically transfer all the inhabitants of Eleazar to a parallel universe where life could flourish. The construction of the Portal required huge efforts, and most importantly, energy to activate it. For many years, research and development of the colossal structure was carried out. But the portal was not destined to be completed.

The construction that had begun was interrupted by the fading of the star, the power of which was required to activate the portal. Faced with a choice: to relocate the available resources to build the Portal into the unknown or to try and find a new home in space, the ruler of Eleazar have chosen the latter. Having ordered the construction of huge spaceships to transfer the inhabitants of Eleazar, he decided to leave the planet after the star died. Leaving their homes and those disobedient who refused to follow the order of the ruler, they went on search for a better life and never returned.

The last refuge of those who did not leave Eleazar was Shelter City. The city, which accommodated refugees from all over the planet, was built on a rare part of the planet that does not emit light, and with it radiation that is toxic to people. The citizens of Shelter City tried to prolong their existence by any means. In the first years after the star went out, they built a mirror dome on the orbit of the planet and deployed it to cover the city. The mega spotlight from the center of the city directed its energy into the dome, from where it was scattered by reflection, warming up and illuminating the city like an artificial sun, simulating day and night.

Over time, there were almost no resources left to maintain the dome, and one day it had to be turned off. Occasionally the dome flared up on its own, capturing the waves of ejection energy, announcing its beginning. Shelter City was doomed. The spires of skyscrapers, in places covered with a black, shiny material that collected the heat of the star and reflected its light onto the streets, became unnecessary and almost empty. In the absence of energy to generate air, most of the buildings had to be abandoned. Only a few wealthy citizens still managed to keep them running thanks to their personal reserves of energy generators. Loosing the battle with the cold without the light of the dome, most of the inhabitants of the city began to hide underground in an effort to save energy for heating and generating air. Connecting and expanding technical underground tunnels and communications over time, they turned them into their main habitat.

Only occasionally did people move to the upper rooms or get out to the surface of the city in protective suits. For the first time in years after the exodus of the bigger part of the population, people managed to maintain order, but over time, society began to slide into anarchy, eroding the already illusory chances for survival. Having split into factions without a unified government, society plunged into darkness.

It looked hopeless until a ray of hope dawned. A group of scientists in one of the laboratories made a discovery. After years of studying the causes of spotlight flashes during an Ejection, they made a breakthrough. Scientists have discovered that the source of the planet's toxic radiation is its core, and the radiation itself permeates the planet with the energy that can be extracted from it. Theoretically, using this energy, it is possible to complete and activate the Portal. It became clear that there is not enough energy in the waves reaching the surface. In an effort to survive, people had only one thing left - to get to the source of energy - the core of the planet Eleazar.

Gathering together, the city's faction leaders announced the formation of the DAO. A collective organization that is capable of making fundamental decisions by voting. The first of the decisions of the DAO was the formation of an interim government - the task of which was to create a plan for the mining of the planet's Core and to organize the continuation of the construction of the Portal. The government came up with a solution. An almost impossible rescue plan was given the name DeepMine.

To survive, people must build mines that would reach the very core of the planet. After that, they would create an energy production system around the core, which was called DME (DeepMine Energy).

Unfortunately, Eleazar is unstable - constant emissions of toxic radiation are accompanied by shifts in tectonic plates and the movement of underground rocks. Given this, it is impossible to determine the right place to build a mine. The only possibility left is to start building mines all over the planet in hope that at least some will be able to reach the Core.

The government proposed dividing the planet into 1,000 plots, appointing the most powerful citizens to lead them. Others, the most daring and brave volunteers, were assigned the role of building mines and diving into them.

It was clear that the resources and technology left behind in Shelter City would not be enough to carry out the ambitious plan. It is necessary to regularly equip expeditions to other, abandoned cities, in search for technologies and materials. At the same time, the mines are to be built, in the hope that the energy extracted in the process will be enough to construct the Portal and save humanity.

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