Factory owner

Factory owners are citizens managing Factories. A factory is an NFT that allows its owner to produce Equipment. The Factory owners are the active investors and entrepreneurs who are developing the industry. Factory owners can produce NFT packs containing equipment used by the miners to mine DME, corresponding to the factory level or lower, to sell them on the free market for profit in WAXP.

  • The level of the factory limits the factory productivity per unit of time.

  • The factory spends DME to produce equipment. It can replenish DME by buying it from the miners for WAXP.

  • The player needs to fund and then periodically replenish factory WAXP funds received from equipment sales to initiate and maintain factory operations. WAXP funds are used to purchase DME from other citizens.

  • The factory owner independently determines the cost of DME buyout and the cost of NFTs equipment they sell at the AtomicHub marketplace.

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