An Area is an NFT to represent the entity where mines are deployed. There are 1000 Areas on the Eleazar planet in total. Each single area piece can serve home for up to 100 mines. Each type of area has a number of characteristics that affect the performance of DME production, as well as the speed of installing new mines on it. Areas characteristics:

Mining Difficulty

The multiplier in waiting time from one mining event to another.

DME Saturation

The multiplier to the amount of mined DME, which is obtained from the properties of the mine, equipment, and other assets.

Exploration Difficulty

The characteristic that determines how long it will take a Geologist to open a new mine in this Area.

Exploration Failure

The characteristic that determines the multiplier to the risk of failure to find a new mine after Geologists staking (relative to the normal risk score for a particular Geologist).

Fossil Chance

The characteristic that determines the chance of digging up some kind of fossil (secret NFTs) while mining.

The higher the rarity of the area, the more reward it will grant for the Landlord and for the Miners. There are 5 types of areas in DeepMine:

The cold surface of the planet Eleazar, devoid of starlight, hasn't seen vegetation for ages and is mainly covered with sand and stones.

Thousands of planets, asteroids, space stations, and ships crashed in space around Eleazar. Their remainders cover part of the planet, and one can try their luck and find something valuable there.

Hundreds of generations have produced chemicals that altered the structure of water so it is able to boil at depth and freeze on the surface at the same time. This made the seas uninhabitable.

The tectonic activity of the planet hardly stops, which leads to constant emissions of lava in some areas. These areas are extremely dangerous, but they provide higher chances to extract DME.

These areas are very scarce. Their lucky owners enjoy the relatively stable environment combined with the richest DME deposits across the entire planet.

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