Mine Upgrade

1. To be eligible for upgrade, mine must hit a certain amount of mined DME.

2. When this amount is mined, Mine Owner can proceed with one of the following in the Service Market:

a) sign a mine upgrade order put on the market by the engineer

b) create a mine upgrade order by setting the reward for upgrade, timeframe for performing the upgrade and a fee for failing to meet the requirements of the order

3. When the contract is signed, the engineer reward is blocked in the mine owner balance.

4. Engineer starts the mine upgrade.

5. When the upgrade finishes the following outcomes are possible:

a) Upgrade successful (90% chance):

- mine owner receives the mine with a higher level. DME mined is set back to 0.

- blocked engineer reward is transferred to engineer

b) Upgrade failed (10% chance):

- mine owner receives the mine back with DME mined being unchanged

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