The bowels of Eleazar are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Frequent earthquakes generated by radiation from the Core, landslides of underground layers of the earth, areas of excessively high temperature, and pressure make the mining process extremely dangerous and difficult.

  • The depths are separated into 10 levels by super-rigid tectonic plates leveled from 0 to 9.

  • The initial zero level is the surface. The final ninth level is the deepest level, after which players get to the planet’s core.

  • The gaming process involves digging into the depths of the Mine, starting from 0 all the way to the 9th level.

  • Depth contains DME, which is mined by Citizens in the process of mining.

  • DME is in Depth as a result of two processes - Ejection and Saturation.


The process of DME token generation is called Ejection. It occurs at once and generates tokens for the entire planet.

The source of Ejection is Core.

Ejection occurs at intervals of 20-28 hours.

Ejection responds to the efforts of the miners of the entire planet.

Ejection has a special calculation system and generates tokens based on the real activity of all the players in the game.

The more mining is done, the more DME will be generated in the next Ejection.


After generation, the token is distributed to each Area and each Depth level in a particular land - this process is called Saturation.

Saturation has a special calculation system, resulting in token being distributed only to those Areas and only to those Depth levels where mining is taking place.

The more actively Citizens are mining DME at a particular Depth level of a particular Area, the more DME will be distributed the next day and the more they can get in the process of mining.

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