The planet Eleazar is divided into 1000 areas with five different rarity types:

  • Rock Fields - 500 areas in total.

  • Space Debris - 250 areas in total.

  • Glaciers - 150 areas in total.

  • Lava - 75 areas in total.

  • DME Springs - 25 areas in total.

The areas vary in Mining Difficulty, DME Saturation, Exploration Difficulty, Exploration Failure, and Fossil Chance. See details.

Since the ideal place to build a mine is unknown, humanity is forced to build them throughout the planet. Being advised by Scientists, the Eleazar government has divided the planet's surface into 1000 plots. Most of the parts are the Rock Fields and the rarest areas are DME Springs with the highest expectations from those who mine there. Up to 100 mines can be established in each area (10 mine slots are revealed at the beginning, while the additional ones should be discovered by the Geologists).

  • Geologists speculate there may be a way to artificially enrich the land and upgrade its rarity using DMP.

Each area has its own characteristics and conditions affecting the operation of the mines. Therefore, the honor of governing each of the areas was transferred to the hands of Citizens. 1000 representatives of the planet Eleazar are yet to take over a piece of land in order to develop it together with the Geologists to launch the first mines.

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