Mine Owner

  1. Make sure that your Mine card is in your active inventory. To do that, press an avatar picture in the upper right corner and press Inventory on the screen that appeared.

  2. If your card is in the Active Inventory, you can proceed to the next step. If your card is in the Storage, then drag and drop it to the Active Inventory and press Confirm Transfer to sign blockchain transaction and complete the transfer.

  3. Next you need to sign a Mine Setup contract. You can do this in two ways: a) Through Mine Deck or Service Market create an order for mine setup and fill in all the necessary information. Fee is the percentage of your income that you are giving to Landlord for placing your mine in their area. After creating a contract, wait for a landlord to sign it. b) go to the Service market and choose "I am a Mine Owner looking for a Landlord" filter, find the contract that suits you and sign it

  4. Go to the Mine Deck and setup the Mine.

  5. Now you need to find contractors to work in your mine! To do this, repeat the same actions as in the step 3, but choose "Mining contract" type. Please note that Fee in this step is the percentage of Contractor’s income that you will be receiving for them working in your mine.

  6. Activate your mine in the Mine Management section of your Mine Deck.

Check out our video guide:

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