A Senator is a Citizen who has got sufficient authority in the DAO to qualify as a senator. They are the most influential and successful members of society. A Senator status allows its owner to make decisions and influence the game economy and events. Moreover, a Senator supported by other senators can initiate a vote for the proposals affecting the entire gameplay.

  • The Senator status is granted to 101 players with the maximum DAO power relative to other players.

  • DAO power is calculated based on the DMP amount in possession.

  • It is possible to receive DMP by burning DME or staking DMP in the Portal.

  • The Senator influences the game and other players by voting.

  • The Senator is entitled to the senator's salary in DME.

The senator's salary is the senator's reward for participation in voting. The reward is paid in DME from the government treasury and takes the senator's authority in the DAO into account.

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