“Whales” excessive advantage

The Eleazar planet depths are extremely dangerous and unexplored. The geological activity data must come from many sources and from many mine owners at once to make work of each individual mine efficient and safe.

  • A Citizen cannot get a major advantage in the game by excessively high investment in equipment compared to other citizens.

  • The greatest profit from DME mining is available to those miners, who are deeper than others, but not excessively deeper.

  • The greatest profit is in cooperation with other players.

  • The median ratio of all active mines level in the game at the moment will be taken into account during the calculation of the maximum possible DME production for a particular mine.

For example, if the median ratio of mine owners is at the 5th level, then the mine will work more effectively at the 6th level than at the 5th level. But at the 7th level and higher, it will be the same or become less effective than at the 5th level.

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