1. Get your Area into the inventory either via the Warehouse (which displays DeepMine NFTs that are in your WAX wallet) or the market (where you can acquire one);

  2. Pick the Area you want, drag-and-drop it into the Active inventory and confirm the transfer (you’ll have to sign the transaction); in a couple of seconds your Area will appear in the inventory;

  3. Go back to the Landlord Lounge, press “Operate The Area” to engage it (you’ll have to sign the transaction again);

  4. When your Area is in the operating mode, you need to find a Mine Owner who will place their Mine(s) on your Area. There are two ways to do that:

a) you can create the order yourself:

  • Click the button Create An Order

  • On the first step most of the fields are already filled in with the correct contract type and your role; you need to choose your Area from the dropdown list and press Next;

  • On the next page you need to fill in the percentage of the Mine Owner revenue you’ll be getting and the duration of the contract; all other fields are grayed out for now (the functionality will be added later); The next page shows Mining Terms. We advise you to put zeros in fields at the beginning of the game to test it and activate this feature in the future contracts. (Mining Terms mean the following: if during the entire contract the counterparty in charge of DME output has the stated amount of days with a DME output less than specified, the other party can impose fine and terminate the contract. In case of a Landlord - Mine Owner contract the counterparty is a Mine Owner, in case of a Mine Owner - Contractor contract, it’s a Contractor.)

  • After creating the order, you’ll see it available on the Service Market; Mine Owners will be able to see your Landlord order and to sign it;

b) you can go to the Service Market and find a Mine Owner who already created the order (pay attention to contract’s T&C, because they affect the amount of DME you’ll get);

  1. After successful completion of the order, you’ll see in the Landlord Lounge that your Area has one Mine (but no DME yet);

  2. After some time you’ll be able to claim the fee of the DME mined by the contracted Mine.

Make sure to check out our video guide as well:

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