Mine owner

A mine owner is a citizen who owns a Mine. They are the pioneers and hope of the entire humanity, responsible for the well-being of the community. A mine owner can go for an active or a passive strategy. An active strategy is to mine DME using their equipment independently. A passive approach is inviting other players (contractors) to work in their mines. The mine owner can combine these models.

  • For the mine to work, it must be installed in one of the Areas of any type and be active.

  • To install the mine, the Mine owner needs to select an Area and confirm the installation with its Landlord.

  • The mine is considered active if the player has attached the equipment cards to it, or at least one Contractor has joined it.

  • A mine owner can either lease their own equipment to work in their mine or let other players work with their own equipment.

  • A mine owner can hire a limited number of contractors.

  • The maximum number of contractors depends on the current level of the mine and increases with the level of the mine.

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