The Portal is a smart contract that performs a deflationary function and a staking function in the economy. The Portal is humanity's last chance for a new life and the continuation of its existence. It is necessary to collect most of the energy available from the planet's Core to launch and build the portal. The DME that comes from the Government due to the funds' circulation in the economy is spent for the portal construction.

  • It's necessary to spend a fixed amount of DME to build a portal.

  • The portal is the source of the DAO power for Citizens.

  • A citizen must stake DMP or burn DME in the Portal to receive DMP and as a result DAO power.

  • The portal gets DME from the government and burns it during its construction.

  • The portal construction can be accelerated by direct funding from Citizens.

The end of the portal construction marks the end of phase 3 of the game and the transition to the next phase, where the game universe will be expanded with the introduction of new game mechanics, Roles, and in-game elements.

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