Government is a series of smart contracts that regulate the DeepMine economy. The task of the Government is to control the game balance by creating development conditions for novice Citizens and disallow destructive collusion or a disproportionate advantage for players who entered the game earlier. Also, the task of the Government is to motivate citizens to develop the Storyline, the economy, and the construction of the Portal. The Government has a treasury and the ability to mint NFTs. The Government implements the administrative function by market methods through the following market levers:

  • State-owned enterprises, including state-owned factories that produce equipment packs. The government can regulate the DME buyout price and the sale price of equipment packs by market methods giving a profit opportunity for the private factories. The Government can mint NFTs of mine upgrades and create new mines and other game NFTs by listing them for sale for DME.

  • The income that was received as a result of the Government activities goes to the game treasury, from where it will be reinvested into the game economy.

  • The government is able to carry out the exchange of DME for DMP in limited volumes using the Portal. The exchange rate is adjustable and depends on multiple market factors.

In addition, the government manages the DME funds that were received by the treasury and distributes them for the construction of the portal, the payment of senators’ salaries, the commission payment to the developer’s team to develop the DeepMine world, as well as other in-game initiatives.

The DAO can influence government activities.

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