DeepMine is a dystopian metaverse with DAO, an open market, an evolving storyline, and gameplay that motivates players to cooperate and interact with each other. At the initial stages, though, the economy will be regulated through Government mechanisms to maintain the game balance.
The Mine is a central game node. The maximum number of mines is limited, and creating each new one is tricky.
The gameplay is based on mining, equipment development, and the cooperation mechanisms necessary for storyline development, DME (DeepMine Energy - native in-game token) mining, DMP (DeepMine Power - governance token) acquisition and the generation and exchange of valuable NFTs.
The DeepMine universe runs on the WAX network with future expansion to other blockchain networks.
The in-game currency is the DME (DeepMine Energy) token. It’s the energy required for social functioning. DME comes from the planet core that irregularly saturates Areas by daily irradiation. It motivates the players to mine DME from the planet's Depths and later directly from the Core through solo or cooperative efforts. DME is used for new mines development, Equipment packs production, NFT upgrading, Portal building, salaries, and participation in metaverse management through voting by staking or direct portal funding.
Most of the game's NFTs can be generated by players, as well as governmental enterprises. The incomes from the latter go to the game treasury.
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