The factory manufactures equipment that miners use in the process of work. The secondary energy in DME that is remaining in the process of equipment production with the help of recuperation mechanisms is transferred to the state, from where it is distributed for the portal construction and other state initiatives.

The work mechanics of the factory is to buy DMEs from citizens for WAX. The DME that was bought out is used for equipment production to later sell this equipment on the open market for WAX.

In addition to the private factories managed by the players, a state-owned factory operates under the same conditions as private ones and thus regulates the balance of the economy, assuring that private factories are profitable, but not ripping DME off the miners.

  • The factory owner needs to stake WAX on the balance of the factory that will be used to buy out DME from citizens for the factory's successful work.

  • The factory owner independently determines the volume and the cost of DME buyout and the equipment pack sale for WAX.

  • The factory has development levels.

  • The factory can produce equipment in accordance with a factory level or below it.

  • The factory has a limit on the number of equipment that is produced per unit of time. Therefore, as the level of the factory increases, it will produce more equipment.

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